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Cantera Stone The Masters

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Cantera Stone the Masters is quite candidly the most trusted and respected direct-to-the-source distributor of hand carved Cantera in the world. We pride ourselves as being a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most prominent designers, architects, and builders; with our management and staff dedicated to proving all our customers with exemplary service and performance. We are “committed to excellence” in all aspects of our projects. 

Cantera Stone the Masters is located at 514 North 24th St, Phoenix, Arizona. 

We have over 100 years of combined industry experience, our source of Cantera Stone is direct to Mexico and our quarries contain some of the most titillating and stupendous stones in the world! We are the Masters artisans that evoke images and carvings that rival Michelangelo’s masterpieces. 

Our custom design products can evoke feelings of exhilaration and profound satisfaction, bring all life to ideas that spring eternal. We are the Masters of Cantera, we create masterpieces. Please allow us to show you the splendor of Cantera Stone. You will be 1000% satisfied!